One Direction fans mourned the loss of his ponytail. However, recent pics of Harry Styles after his haircut and without the hat would likely put them in a celebratory mood right about now.

It would appear that fans had nothing to worry about when Harry Styles cut his hair earlier this month. Secret pics taken by fans from the set of his upcoming flick “Dunkirk” revealed he still looked great, HollywoodLife remarked. Although the photos are a bit hazy, there’s no denying his good looks even after his haircut.

His haircut was necessary for his role as a young soldier in the historical film set in World War II, the publication wrote. Although it was inevitable, an insider revealed Styles himself had difficulty letting go of his signature ponytail. Hence, he’s been teased about it on the set.

“Harry knew he was going to eventually have to cut his hair for the role and was really okay with it. Everyone on the set teased him and joked with him about cutting off his prized ponytail,” the insider told the publication. However, a particular woman in his life is happy about his haircut. His mum, Anne, called his previous look “cheesy” and encouraged him to cut it earlier, HollywoodLife revealed in another post.

“He was actually getting a little bored of it anyway, and Anne (his mom) was teasing him about cutting off his ponytail for a while, saying it looked cheesy,” a source revealed to the publication.

Styles hasn’t posted an official pic to show off his new cut to date. A fan who posted a recent pic with him still showed Styles wearing a hat to cover up his do. Hence, the pleas and requests to see it have gotten creative, Bustle reported.

Harry Styles wasn’t the only member of One Direction who had his hair cut. Niall Horan might have taken a hint from Styles to get a trim. Directioners spotted Horan while in Los Angeles, Unreality TV reported. Although his cut wasn’t as dramatic as Styles, fans still noticed his shorter do, the publication noted. Horan might have wanted to tidy up his mane for the launch of his new golf management agency in the UK and Ireland, the publication added.

Directioners feared Harry Styles’ solo career would mark the end of the British-Irish boy band. However, their recent reunion for a special appearance on “Family Guy” could still prove otherwise.