Celebs know how to keep wooing their fan’s heart through various tricks. They resort to various means, be it their pictures, making public appearances or charming videos. Any of them is enough to make their followers swoon over them. Recently, Harry Styles was seen doing exactly this for his fans. One Direction artist Styles’ new video is one of the sweetest and his devotees are going gaga over him. What’s the specialty of the video, the details are here.

Harry Styles is counted as one of the most fashionable celebs of this era. This style rebel has recently surprised everyone by posting a video where he sported short hair. In the video clipping, Style can be seen addressing a few of his dedicated fans as he utters cheerfully, “Hello! I just wanted to say hi. Hope you’re having a nice day.”

The video which is of around 16 seconds of duration, gives us a quick look of his new short hairdo. Harry bends in front of the camera, leans his head on one side and then gives a full profile look to the camera. This lets the viewers have a look of his recent hairstyle.

Harry is famed for different kinds of hairdos at various occasions. From sporting long ponytail to windswept curls, the singer has been a pro in rocking his charm with managing his mane in various styles.

Watch Harry Styles’ New Style Here:

However, this time, it is something more adorable. The new video of One Direction Harry Styles is certainly a cute one with the singer appearing more charming than before. Do you think Harry Styles still has his boyish charm intact post One Direction split or the Directioners miss the old singer with his gang of four others? Is he too old to attract teenage girls now? What’s your opinion? Post your comments below in the box.