Directioners might be overzealous to Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson after what she did to One Direction member Harry Styles. Fans  allegedly sent death threats to her.

What has she done? The young singer appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show along the British lads, reports NME. According to the website, Wilson then “hugged/straddled” the young heartthrob.

As a result, some avid One Direction supporters reportedly accused her of sexual assault, leading to some hate messages and even death threats. She addressed the issue by saying she and 1D “were just having a good time” during her reappearance on the highly acclaimed show.

“I’m a big One Direction fan and if you freeze frame right there, see just right there. Basically, I got accused of sexually assaulting Harry Styles,” Wilson explained. “Basically, we’re just two professional entertainers having a good time. And he really enjoyed it and I told him that on Twitter and they just sent me more death threats.”

In other news, One Direction members reportedly declined to attend the annual Brit awards which will be held on Feb. 24, notes Hollywood Life. The website speculates that there could be a tension heating up among the four of them.

“They might be nominated, but they won’t be attending the Brit Awards this year,” an insider told the site. “When they said they were going on hiatus, they really meant it and they will continue to remove themselves from public engagements for the foreseeable future.” The source went on to explain that someone will get the award for them just in case they win.

The group declared their hiatus last year before the final leg of the On The Road tour ended. Styles is rumoured to be going solo while Liam Payne recently got a writing stint for Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson is spending time with son Freddie Reign and Niall Horan just enjoys being on a vacation.