One Direction announced its plan to take a break a few months back. Nevertheless, the news remains fresh in the hearts of their fans.

In spite of this, Directioners continue to show their love for the group. Gossip Cop reported about the initiative they’ve started on behalf of the boy band.

Super fans of One Direction launched “#ProjectHome.” The campaign aims to push “Home” as an unofficial new single of “Made In The A.M.” The publication revealed it’s a bonus track on the special Japanese Edition. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson co-wrote the song.

Directioners intend to get “Home” to the top of the charts while the boys are on a break. An official Twitter account named “Project Home” (@projecthome2016) was set up for this particular endeavour.

One tweet recalled how the same was done for “No Control,” the publication revealed. Hence, it quoted one tweet that described Directioners as “legends” who could “do something bigger with “Home.” Perhaps, fans hope that the single would reunite the band. Gossip Cop recalled that the “No Control” movement prompted the boys to perform the song often.

#ProjectHome posted official details about the initiative. In addition, it provided Directioners with guidelines on how to keep the hashtag trending. Since it’s launch last April 23, it’s created several hashtags for daily use. These include #ProjectHomeNiallDay, #ProjectHomeLiamDay, #ProjectHomeHarryDay, and #ProjectHomeLouisDay, to name a few. The list of hashtags extends all through the month of May.

#NiallDay proved to be quite popular according to UnRealityTV. The publication reported how One Direction fans celebrated The Nialler.

One tweet pointed out the best characteristics of Niall Horan. Another tweet acknowledged that he had less drama than his fellow bandmates. However, the publication quipped that Tomlinson or Payne didn’t intentionally seek out drama.

Horan tweeted his happy, yet puzzling response to #NiallDay.

The response to #NiallDay is indeed heartening considering that no one seemed to recognise him less than a month ago.

Directioners are now celebrating #ProjectHomeLiamDay. Project Home reminded tweeters that without Payne, there would be no “Home.” Hence, they’ve encouraged fans to show him their appreciation for the song. Payne’s recognition is proof of his immense talent not only as a singer but also as a composer.