It may seem that One Direction fans weren’t the only ones who got upset by his new haircut. As it turns out, Harry Styles might already be regretting his decision to lop off his signature locks.

However, the 1D singer knew he had to let it go since he will play a soldier in Christopher Nolan’s movie, HollywoodLife reported. An insider told the publication that Styles would go the extra mile for his movie career. Styles is reportedly excited about his role in “Dunkirk.”

“He loves having long locks, and it goes with his rock and roll image he likes to portray. It just shows how far he’s willing to go to make a movie career for himself,” the insider said. His role in “Dunkirk” would force him to live on a ship in a sort of boot camp. However, the enthusiastic 1D singer is reportedly willing to give up luxuries in preparation for the movie.

Nevertheless, Directioners need not worry because he won’t have his hair cut again soon. The insider revealed the 1D singer plans to grow his hair again after filming. Moreover, he would possibly look for future roles that don’t require a haircut since he loves the rock star image of his long locks.

Harry Styles hinted about his haircut via an Instagram post captioned “Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust.” Despite his noble intention to donate his hair to charity, One Direction fans became upset and didn’t hold back their reactions.

Fans have yet to see how Harry Styles looks sans the ponytail. Their panic went into overdrive when Ellis Lacy tweeted the supposed “first pic of Harry with short hair.”

Lacy also posted a video on Facebook that claimed it was from the 1D singer, The Sun wrote. As expected, the alleged picture of Styles went viral and fans rushed to share it. However, once the truth came out that it was a hoax, Lacy also realised just how passionate Directioners are.

“It seems to have caused a bit of a divide with One Direction fans, some want it to be real whilst others are pointing out all my flaws! It’s funny reading the comments, One Direction fans are really passionate and loyal to the boys, it really shows with some of their comments,” Lacy told The Sun.

Ellis Lacy is a former “X-Factor” hopeful. However, he’s gained infamy for his online videos on the proper use of a penis pump, Metro wrote.