When Harry Styles dropped a hint about his recent haircut, chaos seemed to ensue. Directioners scrambled to find out if it was true or not. Moreover, they wanted to see how he looked after.

That day has finally come for Directioners as the 1D star was recently photographed in public with his new hairstyle, The Sun reported. Although he wore a cap over it, there’s no denying the striking difference his haircut had made, the publication remarked.

One Direction fans got upset after learning he had cut off his signature ponytail. However, Harry Styles appeared to be rocking his new look, HollywoodLife noted.

Nevertheless, his fans want to see more of his cropped cut. They’ve even started an online campaign with the hashtag #takethehatoffharry, The Sun revealed in a separate report. Fans posted varied reactions after seeing the first pics of Harry Styles sans the long hair. One particular post compared his new look to Zac Efron’s “17 again” appearance. Styles does appear to look years younger than he is.

Fans also pointed out his ears and expressed gratefulness for their comeback.

Meanwhile, another post called his use of the hat unfair.

Aside from his new look, Styles reportedly launched his own company called Erskine Records Limited that will handle the earnings he would receive from now on, The Sun wrote in yet another post.

Although he’s never talked openly about his plans to go solo after One Direction, it looks like his new look is a sign that he’s ready. The publication revealed information from a music insider about what fans can likely expect from Styles as a solo artist. “He has more than 30 songs ready for an album and he is putting the wheels in motion,” the insider said.

The 1D star is reportedly struggling with “Dunkirk” but is willing to go the extra mile for his movie career starting with his recent haircut.