Once Upon a Time Season 6 is going to be exciting with its very first episode. There is always a twist in the tale, which is keeping the fans at the edge of their seats. Just like when they were super thrilled with the entry of Aladdin in the world of their favorite series. However, something isn’t too rosy this time. Is there a rift? Is it between Aladdin and Emma? All that looks nice isn’t necessarily a happy story in the world of fairytales. So what’s happening in Once Upon a Time Season 6?

Our favorite hero from the Disney movies, Aladdin, has a much different appearance in this series. The very first scene of Season 6 shows him in an oppressed state. It also gives quite a darker plot for  Aladdin. However, just like Emma, he turns out to be a savior. Still, his browbeaten state is a caution for Emma to watch out for. Savior Mythology will be explored in Once Upon a Time Season 6.

In an interview in TVGuide.com, Adam Horowitz, the show creator, said, “We learn very quickly that Aladdin was once a savior, just like Emma. There is a direct connection between what Aladdin went through in our version of the tale and what Emma goes through in her story.”

Eddy Kitsis, the other show creator, said, “We’ve seen in the past that Emma’s Jafar was always the Evil Queen. Now that she’s out there somewhere, I would be worried about that.”

As per Jafar, the destiny of saviors is to give and give to the people they are meant to save until there is almost nothing left of themselves to give. Besides always being on call to save the day, Jafar’s existence works as a reminder that each Savior has his or her final villain. It’s Jafar for Aladdin, but for Emma, who would that person be? Is that Aladdin? The answer lies in Once Upon a Time Season 6 and it will be aired on Sunday, September 25, at 8/7c.