An Olympics scandal has broken out among the potential Olympians once again. The Olympic International Committee released a reanalysis of samples from athletes who competed in the London Summer Olympic of 2012.

Before the Rio Summer Olympics opens, the International Olympic Committee has refreshed its efforts in making sure that the competition is rid of all dopers.

The latest results show 23 athletes from 6 countries tested positive for doping samples. The 23 athletes are yet to be identified along with the sport they competed and their nationalities.

The Olympic report states that banned substances were found in 23 “A”  samples submitted from among the 265 selected doping samples.

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A previous 454 samples from the Olympics Games Beijing 2008 was subjected to the latest scientific analysis methods for banned substances. Out of the 454 samples, 31 athletes tested positive for the doping samples.

These athletes are currently being notified along with their national Olympic Committee. As a result of testing positive, they will be barred from competing in the upcoming Rio Summer Olympics this year.

According to NBC News, the IOC keeps samples for 10 years for reanalyses purposes. These samples are used for testing whenever newer and more accurate methods become available.

“The reanalysis program is ongoing, with the possibility of more results in the coming weeks,” IOC said to NBC News.

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As for the reason why IOC is conducting reanalyses, IOC President Thomas Bach said “We want to keep the dopers away from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This is why we are acting swiftly now.”

However, athletes will still have a chance to clear their name. Notifications have already been sent to the athletes. The next step for them is to prepare for their defense in the formal disciplinary hearings.

Furthermore, the findings would not be declared official until the “A” samples findings have been cross-examined. The IOC will also be testing the “B” sample results.

Right now, up to 55 athletes may be disqualified from competing in the Rio Summer Olympics.