Olympic Games 2016 countdown shoots up as the Olympic flame and Rio 2016 torch are officially lighted.

According to ancient tradition, the flame was lit with the help of the sun’s energy in the Temple of Hera located in Olympia. It will then go around Greece for seven days before starting its journey to Rio.

There was a large crowd that watched while Katerina Lehou, Greek actress, ignites the flame. As per tradition, the person who lights the flame uses a concave mirror to focus the sun’s energy.

ABC News said that the president of the Rio 2016 organising committee Carlos Nuzman said that the ceremony was done with “huge emotion and energy.” Nuzman witnessed the flame lighting in the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Nuzman added that it is the honour of the committee to lead the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio. It is going to be the first in South America as well as the first in Brazil.

He said that people are going to remember the event forever.

There was a backup flame that was lit on Wednesday just in case the weather will not cooperate during the official ceremony. Luckily, the skies shone brightly for the ceremony to become a success.

The torch is expected to go on a trip around Switzerland and Greece. It will then start its 90-day journey to the Maracana and Rio. On August 5, the cauldron lighting will happen in the Maracana.

SBS reported that the Greek leg will have a stopover at an Athens camp where one refugee will join in the relay and a young Syrian boy from another camp will go with the torchbearer.

There are more than 12,000 torchbearers who will join in the flame’s journey from Greeze, Brazil and Rio.

The Greek gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias was the first athlete to hold the torch who then handed it to volleyball player Giovane Gavio.