After Wednesday’s episode, there must be an increment in Offspring Season 6’s number of viewers. Why? It’s because the real-life chemistry of the characters has made a reel-life intimate moment all the more steamy, raunchy and tempting.
On the last episode of Offspring Season 6, Asher Keddie who is playing singleton character Dr. Nina Proudman shares a salacious one-night stand with her real-life husband Vincent Fantauzzo as Franklin.

Franklin is a colleague of Nina’s brother Wil. Nina and Franklin met at a bar while she was on a date with Offspring newcomer Dr. Angus Freeman (Dan Wyllie). Proudman ditches Freeman at the bar and ended up in bed with Franklin. Their one-night stand scene succeeded in creating ripples among the fans.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Entertainment, the acclaimed Archibald-winning painter Vincent Fantauzzo and Keddie married in 2014 and are blessed with one son named Valentino.

We can say their on-screen chemistry is natural possibly due to their real-life connection. The pair set the small screen on fire as they ripped each others’ clothes off, making it one of the most sensational sequences in Offspring’s six-year history.

Needless to say, watching Keddie and Fantauzzo sharing an intimate moment was exciting. The move was unusual for a couple like Keddie and Fantauzzo, who prefer to keep their family life very private.
In Wednesday’s episode of Offspring Season 6, Dr. Nina Proudman’s character has gone through a major character development. She is the one who has decided to start dating again after a failed relationship with Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall) and the loss of her partner Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez).
We saw the one night stand putting Nina into a dilemma. She was in a confused state of mind and was analyzing herself on the way home. She kept on questioning herself: “What just happened? Who is the person who just did that?” Will she try to find out more about Franklin or just let things go?

This is the first time Fantauzzo has attempted acting. There is no denial that his character Franklin is a hit. Could we expect more of Franklin in the upcoming episodes of Offspring 6?