Offspring Season 6 star Lachy Hulme has hinted at more crazy stuff happening in the show should the Aussie drama/comedy series be renewed for the seventh season.

Offspring just returned to the small screen in June after two years of hiatus. The future for the series remains dim since Channel Ten has yet to announce if there will be a next season for Offspring. Reports indicated that the network has incurred additional expenses to bring Offspring back to the small screen.

“If the show comes back again, hopefully, they’ll come up with some more crazy stuff for us to do,” Hukme told

The show has been a success since it premiered in June. It is currently averaging between 900,000 to 1 million viewers per episode.

Hulme has expressed optimism that the show will return for the seventh season, especially now that his character has married. The 45-year-old actor plays Martin Clegg, who got married to Cherie Butterfield (Deborah Mailman) in Wednesday’s episode.

This is the first time that the show featured a wedding. Hulme said it was a huge deal for the show. He added that it took three days to film the wedding scene.  Hulme also revealed that he got emotional when he read Clegg’s lines for the wedding episode. The actor explained that his wedding line gave him a deeper insight about Clegg, who has been lonely his entire life. He only had one friend, the late Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez), who died in season 5. Reid’s partner Dr. Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) filled in for Patrick as Clegg’s best man.

Cherie, on the other hand, got cold feet and locked herself in a bathroom just before she walked down the aisle.  She also got emotional when Clegg read his wedding vow to her through the bathroom door.

Do you think Clegg and Mailman’s married life will continue in Season 7? Let us know your view.

Offspring Season 6 airs every Wednesday at 8:40pm on Channel 10.