Aussie TV shows are at risk of cancellation. Could Offspring Season 6 receive its final notice soon after it returns?

Offspring Season 6 made its comeback felt to Australian television with a steamy one-night stand between Nina and Franklin. Audiences certainly took notice. Hence, things looked promising for the series’ return. Moreover, additions to the cast teased about exciting episodes to come.

No doubt, fans already anticipate the reappearance of Dr. Patrick Reid played by Matthew Le Nevez when the show resumes on August 24. However, could its return be short-lived? Fusion Strategy media analyst Steve Allen forecast a dim future in store for the dramedy series. Apparently, Ten incurred extra expenses to bring it back to the small screen. Thus, Allen surmised a follow-up to Offspring Season 6 might not be in its future.

According to Allen, TV ratings are not the only basis for a show to get the axe. In the case of Offspring, production costs would be the likely culprit. He revealed the same fate could befall Secret City. Allen also cited that the high cost of production for the political drama would make a second season unlikely.

According to, Allen also shared his forecasts for other Aussie TV shows based on their current ranking among audiences. At this point, early contenders facing the axe appear to be Ten’s The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Nine’s The Briefcase and Reno Rumble, as well as Seven’s Kiss Bang Love.

According to Steve Allen, the audience share of The Great Australian Spelling Bee dropped significantly for its second season. It went down further when it moved to a different time slot. Both shows from Nine failed to interest audiences from the start. Viewers slammed Seven’s Kiss Bang Love, which some earlier described as the crazy version of The Bachelor Australia.

Would Offspring Season 6 be back for another run?