Offspring Season 6 is getting sexier and hotter as lead star Asher Keddie got into another sex scene.

Viewers of Offspring Season 6 could probably expect more sexy scenes this season. For one, Keddie’s character Dr. Nina Proudman has been in her third racy scene – the latest of which was with newcomer Alexander England. The actor plays the role of Harry Crewe, the new Crisis and Culture Manager at St Francis Hospital.

Earlier this season, Nina had a sex scene with her off-screen husband Vincent Fantauzzo. Keddie’s and Fantauzzo’s raunchy sex scene stunned many viewers since it was the most erotic scene Offspring ever had. Fantauzzo is playing the role of Franklin Swan, a friend of Nina’s brother Wil Bowen (TJ Power).

Could viewers see more sex scenes throughout Offspring Season 6? It is expected. Since Nina’s partner, Dr. Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez), died in Season 5, she had one-night stands with several men. She might date a few more until she finds new love.

However, we can’t say this for sure in Offspring Season 7. There have been rumors that the future of the Aussie show looks dim. Apparently, Ten Channel has incurred additional cost to bring Offspring back to the small screen.

Ten wrapped up the show after its fifth season in 2014 because of financial problems. Then the show confirmed the return this year after its two-year hiatus.

Meanwhile, Keddie recently talked about the challenge of keeping a balanced work and family life.

The Gold Logie winner admitted that it is impossible to achieve it. However, she added: “It is obviously very different in other industries. We are able to achieve what we need to if the support is there. We have a producer who is incredibly supportive and ‘wants’ us to have babies.”

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