Offspring Season 6 cast member Lachy Hulme has a rather odd task at the set of the show – that is, to make lead star Asher Keddie laugh.

Hulme has opened up about the chemistry he and Keddie have in Offspring. Hulme plays Dr. Martin Clegg on the Channel 10 dramedy while Keddie portrays Dr. Nina Proudman. Clegg provides most of the humor in the show.

“To make Asher laugh while the cameras are rolling is my mission on the show. If I can make Asher lose her s*** in a scene, I go home a happy man,” he said. How does Hulme prepare for his scenes with Keddie? The actor revealed that he always comes to the set prepared by making notes on scenes where he thinks the actress will laugh.

As for the Gold Logie winner, Hulme told that Keddie also prepares for him. He recalled a scene last season where they made each other laugh so hard during a dramatic scene to the point that they have to stop looking at each other to stop giggling.

Fans of Offspring mourned when Channel Ten wrapped up the show after its fifth season. They rejoiced when it was confirmed that the show will return this year. Aside from Asher and Hulme, other returning Offspring Season 6 cast members include Kat Stewart, Richard Davies, Linda Cropper and Deborah Mailman.

Meanwhile, Offspring fans were outraged when Nina changed her ringtone for the first time after five seasons.

For the past seasons, Nina has a consistent ringtone when one of her love interests calls. When the show premiered recently, the doctor’s new ringtone did not go unnoticed. Her once classic iPhone ringtone was replaced by a high-pitched sound sequence.

Some fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment. One fan wrote on Twitter that she is mourning Nina’s new ringtone. Another fan even suggested to start a kickstarter campaign to buy Nina another iPhone since her current ringtone is horrible.

Catch Offspring Season 6 every Wednesday at 8:30pm on Channel 10.