Facebook’s Oculus Rift was in the production since 2012 and its first pre-orders were shipped on March 28. On the other hand, Samsung Gear VR is available at affordable prices for the masses.


Although the entire concept of fashionable VR is completely foreign to us, the style, appearance of Samsung Gear VR headset has outwitted Oculus Rift. It works in conjunction with the Samsung mobile devices such as Galaxy Note 5 and the trio of Galaxy S6 handsets, notes Counsel & Heal.

However, the Oculus Rift’s appearance isn’t exactly subtle but it looks little bulky. One cannot refute that it has retained dev kit’s design and has more pleasing aesthetic build.


Performance-wise, the Oculus offers better than Gear VR. Oculus sports OLED displays with 2160×1200 pixel crystal clear image and buttery smooth 90Hz refresh rate. With an Ultra HD image exhibit from a 6-inch smartphone and graphics performance give a fair challenge to the rift. However, the smartphone hardware limits the performance of Gear VR.

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Rift offers familiar content but Gear VR has innovative indie offerings such as games like House of Languages and Blind Swordsman, which are not exactly household names. With Rift, users can play games like Half-Life 2 and Dying Light with an immersive new atmosphere.


Of course, Rift offers better immersion experience than Gear VR but when it comes to price, Rift is expensive. It has a price tag of $599, but it also requires an extremely powerful PC, which the device even more expensive. On the other hand, Samsung Gear VR is affordable for anyone. When compared to Rift, Gear VR is dirt cheap, but it doesn’t offer the same level of immersion as you would expect from the Rift, notes Digital Trends.

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The Oculus Rift offers a gaming experience of PC level while Gear VR offers at smartphone level. Both have almost paradoxical fronts. Whatever maybe the gaming experience and its specifications, at the end price of the device is a matter of decision. If the extravagant price doesn’t bother you, Oculus Rift might be the one for you, if not Samsung Gear VR could be your take away.