The Obamas chose to pay their respects to the iconic franchise “Star Wars” on its special day with a dance together with R2-D2 and a pair of Stormtroopers. 

In the video posted to the White House’s Facebook and Twitter pages, R2-D2  played Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk” which coincidentally is First Lady Michelle Obama’s favourite song.

“This is my favourite song!” Mrs Obama said when the music started playing. 

FLOTUS started to groove along with R2D2, who spins his head back and forth with the music while US President Barack Obama commanded the imperial troops into action.

“Come on, stormtroopers!” the president said.

Of course, no one ignores the direct orders of the leader of the free world. The stormtroopers immediately hit the dance floor and start to move, as the video’s caption says, “Dance. Or dance not. There is no try,“ Time magazine wrote.

The Obamas then showed off their moves, which include “raising the roof” with the President. 

May the 4th or “May the Fourth Be With You” has become a day to celebrate all things about “Star Wars” especially after the saga has been revived last year with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” ABC News reported.

During this day, fans celebrated Star Wars Day by either watching the eight films and by greeting “May the fourth be with you,” People magazine wrote.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time POTUS honoured the iconic movie franchise, People magazine noted.

In December 2015, the White House hosted an exclusive screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in honour of the Gold Star families, those who lost loved ones in the war in Iraq.

Obama also gave his end-of-the-year speech before the screening started, and may have potentially made universal history when he ended it with the line, “Okay, everybody, I gotta get to Star Wars!”