United States President Barack Obama stated that foreign observers are troubled by the stand of the Republican presidential candidates on issues concerning immigration and climate change.

Obama thinks foreign leaders are concerned about the rhetoric that has been going on in Republican primaries and debates. This statement was made after the President attended a Southeast Asian leaders’ summit.

American voters will elect a new president into power on Nov. 8; hence, Democrats and Republicans are now battling it out in nomination contests to decide who will sit in their respective parties.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has openly supported a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the United States territories. He has also made headlines with debatable statements about immigrants, but Obama said the worries abroad are not only aimed at Trump, Reuters reported.

Obama said that Trump may be the face of the anti-Muslim stand, but what other Republican candidates are saying should be a cause of worry too. He also noted that other countries expect the US to make decisions based on science. Republican resistance was also called out during the event as an immediate action on climate change. If a Republican president will win, these concerns will intensify all over the international community.

Obama is confident that Americans would ultimately reject Trump, CNN reported. According to him, he trusts that the Americans are aware that the next elected president will have the authority to send troops to war. Further, the most powerful person in the US will also be called upon to keep the banking system stable. According to Obama, the Americans should be able to recognize the weight of responsibilities that the job is highlighting. He even added that it must be taken seriously because it is neither hosting a reality show nor marketing and promoting products.  Americans have been considered sensible people and the President is positive that they will make a logical decision.

Trump as a real estate mogul was once a host of the hit reality TV show “The Apprentice.” When asked about Obama’s comments, Trump stated that Obama had done a poor job and would not have had a second term if he challenged him in the last election.