Barack Obama is the most followed politician on Instagram. With respect to all other politicians that make use of the social networking site, Obama has got six million followers.

Obama is the first world leader to achieve the most number of followers. Second on the list, who has gathered two million followers, is Dmitry Medvede, the Prime Minister of Russia. Third in the rank is the Prime Minister of India with 1,787,491 followers.

It’s not just world leaders who have Instagram followers, the White House comes fourth with 1,736,181 followers. Fifth on the row is the Queen Consort of Jordan, Queen Rania with 1,441,828 followers. With 1,418,319 followers, the Dubai’s Emir, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made it to top six.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s President who has 762,150 followers made it to number seven, while Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is on number eight with 607, 554 followers. Mauricio Macri, the President of Argentina has taken the top 9 spot with almost 600,000 followers. Egypt’s President Abdelfattah el-Sisi who is being followed by more than 500,000 IG population completed the top ten list.

Obama makes use of this social media account to keep in touch with people and convey information, Adweek reported. Obama believes that through social media, he will be able to make further connections with people by exchanging comments on photos he posts.

On an average, Obama gets at least 56,000 interactions, which is a good indicator that people are getting involved, PR Newswire reported.

In January, the leaders of the world had a total of more than 20 million Instagram followers, Also, they have accumulated posts of almost 80, OOO. All of the posts ended up gathering more than 160 million likes from the followers.

Jeremy Galbraith, a Global Chief Strategy officer pointed that the number of followers is an indication that governments should take the lead in communicating with their people. This study on World Leaders with Instagram accounts based the analysis on the February 2016 data collection.