US President Barack Obama promised that there would be no political interference in the US Justice Department’s investigation into a private email server used by Hillary Clinton when she was the secretary of state.

“I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case,” the Fox News quoted Obama as saying. “Nobody is above the law. How many times do I have to say it?” The remarks came in less than three months after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dismissed the possibility of Clinton’s indictment.

Obama commended Clinton for her tenure as the secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. He said he still thinks that the emails to and from her private server did not breach the national security system. However, the president acknowledged that Clinton should not have used the private server as the revelations suggested that roughly 2,000 emails contained classified data.

“I continue to believe that she has not jeopardised America’s national security,” Obama told the Fox News in his first interview with the network since 2008. “There’s carelessness in terms of managing emails, that she has owned, and she recognises.”

While she was the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton bypassed the State Department email system and used a privately owned server for exchanging emails. An after-the-facts security review of the emails suggested that they contained classified information, the Washington Post reported.

During the interview, Obama also defended his stance on the terrorist and response at the growing terror threat.

“My No. 1 job is to protect the American people,” he said. “My No. 1 priority right now is defeating ISIL (the Islamic State) … I’m the guy who calls the families, or meets with them, or hugs them, or tries to comfort a mom, or a dad, or a husband, or a kid, after a terrorist attack. So let’s be very clear about how much I prioritise this: This is my No. 1 job.”