An underage sex scandal about a teen prostitute wherein some Oakland police officers have been allegedly involved has alarmed the North California police.

The law enforcement officials have already started reviewing and investigating the matter to find out the truth behind the allegations. They are gathering data to uncover the truth whether the officers really had contacts with a teen sex worker. Buzzfeed reports that the East Bay incident has led to several investigations along with a demand for resignation of a police chief of a major city.

Oakland’s newest interim police chief Paul Figueroa has promised to try hard so that the department retains its trustworthiness once the investigation is over and the truth is unveiled. “I’m focused on getting the job done,” Figueroa said as quoted by ABC News. He added that it was surprising to hold the top cop position in the department as he did not expect it. However, he has now been given the right to work, Figueroa said.

The teen prostitute involved in the matter has claimed that almost 31 officers from across the Bay Area have provided her protection in exchange for sex. The text messages have been obtained as evidence relating to the underage sex matter. “Be safe today!! Want some advice?” one officer informed her through a text message about an undercover sting to take place. “Thank you, daddy,” she replied. “I appreciate it ion wanna go to jail lol.”

Meanwhile, San Francisco police have announced Oakland police interim chief Ben Fairow’s release from his law enforcement duties. The authorities also said that one of the inspectors in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has also been granted administrative leave given his possible connections with the teen. “While it is our practice not to discuss pending investigations, I can firmly state that we do not and will not turn a blind eye to human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of a minor, whether the offender is a civilian or a law enforcement officer,” Attorney Nancy O’Malley said while referring to the underage sex matter.

“The alleged conduct of the officers in this matter is not in line with what our office and the wider community feel is acceptable for those who are sworn to protect and serve.”