“Gotham” fans are about to witness a “The O.C. Reunion” on the show.

Cinema Blend reports that when “Gotham” returns on air next year, Ben McKenzie (who plays the show’s lead character Jim Gordon), will be reuniting with his former co-star Melinda Clarke. The website reports that Clarke has been cast as an original character named Grace Van Dahl.

The website further suggests that Clarke’s addition to the series will mean a more colorful crime fighting stint for Jim Gordon. Cinema Blend reflects that so far in the season, McKenzie’s character has encountered his fair share of bad guys like the Arkham Asylum escapees, the Order of St. Dumas, and Theo Galavant.

Meanwhile, E! Online describes the Van Dahl character as “attractive”, “cultured”, and “desperate for money and power”.

From this character description alone, it suggests that McKenzie and Clarke’s dynamic on “Gotham” will not be far off from that of Ryan Atwood and Julie Cooper’s dynamic in “The O.C.”.

MTV appears to agree with this observation. According to the website, Van Dahl’s character is not far off from that of Julie Cooper. MTV describes Clarke’s character in “The O.C.” as follows:

“…Julie Cooper, who was well known for her penchant for stirring up drama, and for using her powers of seduction to get whatever (and whoever) she wanted.”

E! Online adds that Clarke is scheduled to appear on “Gotham’s” 15th episode which will air some time in the spring. Meanwhile, the website says that other guest stars set to grace the show include Michael Bowen, Lori Petty, Paul Reubens, and Robin Lord Taylor.

Apart from “The O.C.”, Melinda Clarke is also known for her roles as Faith Taylor in “Days of Our Lives”, Lexy Monroe in “Heaven Help Us”, Lady Heather in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, Kelly Donovan in “The Vampire Diaries”, and Amanda in “Nikita”.

“Gotham” is scheduled to return on air on February 29 at 8 p.m. on Fox.