NZ flag referendum shows that the existing flag is going to stay. The preliminary result confirms that the existing NZ flag is preferred instead of the alternative blue-and-black Kyle Lockwood design.

Prime Minister John Key and Labor Leader Andrew Little will jointly address the result after it’s announced, reported

Voters were choosing between the current flag and Kyle Lockwood design.

Earlier the Prime Minister said that it had been a successful process and that he had always liked the Kyle Lockwood Design. He added that with more than 2 million people voting in the poll is a good sign.

He stated, “And in so much as this has been about New Zealand and the way we represent ourselves on the world stage our nationhood then I think it’s been a success just getting that many people to vote.”

He also said that it would not be disappointing for him if the current flag was retained.

A survey showed that more than three-quarters of New Zealand’s youth would vote for the current flag. Youthtown asked 13 to 17-year-olds about their preference. Seventy-seven percent of the youth voted for the current flag.

One of the youth said, “our soldiers fought and died under our flag… This generation and many generations before this have been born and raised under this flag.”

Well-known historian and Professor Paul Moon stated  that regardless of the current flag’s aesthetic value, it serves as the connection to the nation’s century-old experience and what makes up a New Zealander.

The section which wanted a different design was not sure what the change could lead to. Some of them do not have much faith in the referendum process, as reported by

The Kyle Lockwood Design flag supporters argued that it was a better representation of the country’s identity.

One of the supporters said, “soldiers fought and died so we could have a voice and bring change for our country.”

Another said, “They fought for New Zealand not for (the) flag.”

Nevertheless, the final verdict went to the current flag supporters.