Australia will hardly care about the negotiations in the nuclear treaty to ban weapons as it believes the treaty to be ineffective. The treaty negotiations are due to be discussed at the United Nation’s global summit to be held on March 27.

Around 123 nations voted in favor of a resolution relating to the holding of a nuclear treaty conference while 38 opposed it, which included Australia. Other nations that opposed the resolution were the United States, France, Israel, the UK, and Russia. On the other hand, the decision of 16 nations remained abstained. The conference will aim at negotiating on a “legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination.”

The reason behind Australia opposing to negotiate on the nuclear treaty is its intention to ensure protection from the nuclear weapons arsenal of the US. “The Australian government’s longstanding position is that the proposed treaty to ban nuclear weapons does not offer a practical path to effective disarmament or enhanced security,” the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman told AAP.

Meanwhile, anti-nuclear campaign group ICAN Australia spokeswoman Gem Romuld expressed her disappointment on the decision taken by the government. She said the decision is out of step keeping into consideration the treatment given to Australia by neighboring nations in the region.”This is an unprecedented move for Australia to not participate in multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations,” she told AAP.

China Might Join Nuclear Treat Talks Next Month

China is one of the major states that possess nuclear weapons. Some diplomatic sources have indicated on Wednesday that China was thinking over joining the nuclear treaty talks to be held at the global summit at the end of March 2017. A Chinese Foreign Ministry’s senior official was at a disarmament-related international meeting in Mexico.

He had a conversation with media where he confirmed that China was considering attending the global summit. He, however, added that the nation has not yet made a firm decision. In a voting in December where Australia voted against the nuclear treaty conference, China kept its decision abstained. There are reports that China held a meeting earlier in February.

The nation invited its envoys to discuss the matter at its representative office in Geneva. China asked envoys about their opinion on the nation joining the nuclear treaty talks. The nation also asked the envoys about the impact on Beijing if China joined the talk.

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