After the epic album release of British singer Adele last November 20, the members of ’90s boy band NSYNC reacted to her record-breaking album. Are the boys planning to have a reunion soon?

According to Entertainment Weekly, NSYNC member Lance Bass posted on Twitter his congratulatory message to Adele who broke their group’s album records last Tuesday.

Lance included the group’s song lyrics “Bye Bye Bye” in his tweet to bid farewell to NSYNC’s “World Record of Most Albums Sold In a Single Week.” The NSYNC member even put a hashtag to demand a recount. But then, we all know he’s just joking!

Fellow NSYNC member JC Chasez kept it cool and simple when he praised the British singer.

On Tuesday, Billboard reported that Adele’s album entitled “25” has sold at least 2.433 million album copies since its release on November 20. The site mentioned that Adele has officially broken NSYNC’s album records for “No Strings Attached” in March 2000.

The boy band sold 2.416 album copies during their album’s first week of release but Adele surpassed the record in just four days. Just Jared noted that the group held the record for 15 years but “no one came close” to beat their record until now.

In another report on Billboard, NSYNC member Joey Fatone admitted that he thought their record would be unbeatable in the digital era. However, he didn’t deny that he’s also a fan of Adele!

Joey said,

“Records are always meant to be broken, but with technology and current music business model, I thought this one would be tough to beat. In all honesty, Adele is the truth — kinda excited a rare talent like hers is in the same breath as our group. I’m a huge fan….I even bought the damn album.”

The NSYNC members were last seen as a group on the MTV VMA Awards in 2013. Fans and even celebrities were happy to see the boys back on stage. They were totally surprised by the group’s reunion.

Anyone hoping for another NSYNC reunion?