Adults who are nostalgic about the 90’s pop music can’t stop but wondering where have all the boybands gone. While Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block have been touring around the world for a reunion concert, NSYNC has been reported to be having one as well. Two of the members – Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone allegedly dropped hints about a reunion.

Both of them awakened fan’s spirits by a tweet saying that they are in the studio to record a new song.

More than the fans, E! News cannot also contain their pumping hearts upon discovering the tweet. They cannot help but ask questions like “are the rest of the gang in on this too?” and “Are you going all No Doubt on us and replacing the rest of the guys with new members?!”

They are also wondering if the two are only working for a collaboration exclusively for the two of them. Well, we might want more answers from the two soon. The two also appeared on Fall Out Boy’s latest music video, “Irresistible.”

Meanwhile, Pop Nation was also feeling nostalgic in the past few weeks, and as a result, they went on to post a throwback photo of the group performing during the 2001 NFL halftime show with Britney Spears and Aerosmith.

Where are the rest of the NSYNC members? So far, we all might know that Justin Timberlake has been the “most successful” member, not just in creating music but also in making Hollywood films.

In his IMDb page, he starred in the films like “In Time,” and “Friends With Benefits,” to mention a few. He also sung the hits “Cry Me A River,” “Like I Love You,” and “Rock Your Body” among others.

On the other hand, JC Chasez seems to be inactive aside from occasional posts on Twitter. He also recognised the British singer when Adele’s “25” broke NSYNC’s album records.

Meanwhile, Lance Bass has reportedly moved in to a new LA home with his newlywed partner, Michael Turchin, as per Pop Sugar report.