Two NSW school buses collided on Thursday afternoon, thereby injuring 50 children. The students were from a school holiday excursion. There are reports of 68 people being on board on the buses when the collision occurred.

The accident took place at the point where State Mine Guly Rd and Old Bells Line of Rd at Newnes intersect. While others have suffered minor injuries, three people were taken to the hospital for treatment. Emergency services were called to the spot near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains at around 4 pm.

The state police have confirmed that majority of passengers have suffered bruising while two children and a pregnant woman have been admitted to Lithgow Hospital. Others children suspected of minor injuries were also taken to the hospital for further medical examination. An NSW Ambulance spokeswoman said that the children on the buses belonged to the age group between six and 12. She also said that almost five adults were been examined medically at the spot by paramedics from 11 ambulances.

How the NSW School Buses Collided

Three small buses were on the road when the NSW school buses accident occurred. While the first bus slowed down and was running at moderate speed at the intersection, the second bus did not stop and ran into the other. Police were investigating the matter to find out the cause of the collision. The children are apparently from a school in St Mary’s.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the vision from the scene indicated that a mini bus that offers school holiday care was damaged in the NSW school buses crash. The windscreen of the school bus was thrown out on the road after the crash, the front end was crumpled. The driver of the second bus seemed to have been careless enough in handling the vehicle at the intersection and hence it is likely that the charges are laid on the driver.

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