Kyran Day, a six-month-old boy who died after being initially misdiagnosed at an NSW hospital, had to wait four hours for an ambulance because the paramedics were busy having lunch, an inquest heard on Tuesday.

The News Corp reported that the infant was admitted to Shoalhaven Hospital on October 19, 2013. He was initially diagnosed with gastroenteritis when he was actually suffering from a bowel obstruction. The correct diagnosis was made 20 hours after the first one.

The first ambulance sent to escort Kyran Day was called off because the crew needed to have lunch. The second ambulance had another patient in it and the paramedics said they needed to have food before driving for two hours to Sydney.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the child had already suffered several heart attacks by the time he was taken to the Sydney’s Children Hospital for a special surgery. His bowel was successfully operated on, after which he was put on a life support.

The boy died on October 22, the official cause of death being oxygen starvation of the brain.

Kyran’s parents have since then spoken of their loss and the “hell” they had been put through, but all they want now is justice for their little son. “We will fight and continue to fight for change and Kyran’s legacy for all the babies, children and parents without a voice,” Kyran’s father wrote on Facebook, as quoted by the Yahoo 7 News.

His mother also took to Facebook to express her grief and heartbreak. “This is our 3rd year now and it’s been hell but we will keep going until we have answers and justice for Kyran James day (sic),” she wrote.

Kyran’s parents are expected to testify during a two-week coronial inquest at the Glebe Coroner’s Court, wearing badges with the infant’s face imprinted on it.

The inquest will also hear why a nurse was not present in the ambulance which took Kyran to the hospital and why the request for a helicopter from the Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service was rejected.