New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has announced that all senior positions in the state’s public service will have flexible working hours by 2019. According to the premier, flexible working hours in NSW government will be the harbinger for a cultural change for creating more opportunities for women.

“We’re changing our default position on the 8-6 desk-bound job,” Baird told Sydney breakfast meeting to mark the International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

“At the moment about one to two percent of our senior managers in the public sector have formal flexible arrangements,” Baird told reporters.

The NSW Premier said bringing more women into the workforce and having them in senior positions would produce great outcomes, reports News Corp.

Baird reiterated his pledge to elevate more women into senior leadership roles in his government. He said the government’s target is to have 50 percent women representation, up from the current 40 percent.

Meanwhile, NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian called up women working in the private sector to join politics. She shared her thoughts while speaking at a function of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce in Sydney.

“I’m always arguing for greater critical mass, so if the prime minister or the premier want to promote more women into cabinet, they need to make sure there are enough women on the backbench,” she said.

She advised women not to underestimate themselves if they want to succeed in politics, reports 9 News.

“We really need to set targets for the number of women that are pre-selected and the number of women that are in parliament so then you have a larger pool from which to choose,” the NSW Treasurer added.

Berejiklian advised women to be assertive and make contact with all people they want to earn support in doing what they want to do. Berejiklian left her banking career in Commonwealth Bank for politics and is now the president of Young Liberals.