NSW Premier Mike Baird has asked to put a stop to the greyhound racing tradition. He released a statement in which he exemplified the tradition as animal cruelty.

The premier set up a special commission and undertook an inquiry in which he found that the animal cruelty incidents have become evident in recent times. This also included greyhound killing as well as live baiting.

Baird made the announcement on Thursday and said that the greyhound industry will be closed completely until July 2017. As soon as the announcement was made, ACT authorities declared that the state capital will also make sure the same is followed.

The Special Commission of Inquiry, led by ex-High Court Judge Michael McHugh, discovered that the number of dogs killed in NSW in a span of 12 years was between 49,000 to 68,000. They were killed as they were incapable of winning races.

The findings were handed over to Baird last week.  Based on the report, Commissioner McHugh suggested Parliament that the industry should be shut down.

“As a humane and responsible government, we are left with no acceptable course of action except to close this industry down,” Baird said in a statement. “This is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the appalling revelations in Mr McHugh’s report and his considered view that any other measures are unlikely to protect animals from further cruelty.”

Baird said that it was not an easy decision to take. However, it is evident that there is no other alternative to bring the situation under control.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr posted his views on the greyhound racing matter and justified his decision of following NSW ruling. “Having had an initial look at the NSW report, we agree with the decision of the NSW government,” Barr wrote as quoted by News.com.au. “There is no future for this industry in the ACT.”

“The Government cannot continue to support an industry that is turning a blind eye to the sort of behavior and cruelty uncovered by the Special Commission of Inquiry,” he added. “It is untenable for the ACT Government to continue allowing, and financially supporting the practice of greyhound racing.”

Greyhound trainers, on the other hand, are ready to fight against the ruling until the end. They are, however, blaming the ABC for everything. The blame game comes as a result of ABC’s Four Corners program where it indicated the increasing cases relating to animal cruelty.