An NSW baby miraculously survived after almost dying from alleged consumption of drug ice that belonged to his mother, who will now face court for abandoning her kid.

The 21-month-old toddler was hospitalized at Wollongong Hospital after eating drug ice on Jan 25, 2016, but he survived even after fatal consequences, which is considered a miraculous event. Medical experts said that the boy digested a major proportion of the drug, which could have been really dangerous for his life.

He tested positive to methylamphetamine. The Department of Families and Community Services has been taking care of the baby as his mother is due to present in court.

According to reports, the baby slept alone in the bedroom while his mom slept in the lounge room. This was when he allegedly got access to the drug. His mom called an ambulance when she found him having seizures. As soon as it was discovered that the boy consumed drugs, the hospital authorities informed the police.

The 27-year-old mom has been charged with child offense along with six counts of drug possession. The child abuse squad detectives searched the Koonawarra home of the woman involved, and ice, drugs, cannabis and a pipe were recovered. After eight months of the incident, the mother has received court attendance notice to face several charges.

Recent statistics based on frequent surveys have found that toddlers are most unsafe within their own home premises. There are regular cases where infants and toddlers suffer either because of the carelessness of elders or because someone intentionally wants to hurt them.

Whether it is the fall of a bookcase on a toddler who died because of it or hospital authorities’ wrong disease diagnosis, the rate of death of toddlers is rapidly increasing.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the mother of the NSW baby will face the Port Kembla Local Court on Wednesday.