Channel Nine’s “The Footy Show” has been criticized by people as racist following the comments made by retired footballer Beau Ryan on his “Beau Knows” segment.

Beau Ryan was walking along the streets of Wentworthville where he stopped to speak to locals. However, his interactions with an Asian woman and with people of other nationalities have been criticized by viewers.

Channel Nine has now issued an apology for the offense it caused, states “We apologize for any offense caused, the segment is a comedy one where we have fun with people, but not intentionally at their expense. We clearly went too far on this occasion,” said producer Glenn Pallister.

Sydney Morning Herald explains that the segment shows Ryan walking on the streets when he spots an Asian woman clicking pictures of pups. “Picking out which one for dinner?” he asks from behind the woman. He continues to grin as she turns back to face her camera, while the studio audience claps.

“Oh, are they yours? Is this [business] yours?” he asks the woman, who says “yes.” However, the publication states that this is not Ryan’s first strike. He had made a joke about a Chinese man earlier on in the segment. Because he was aware of the nationalities of the people he approached on the streets of the suburb, he quipped “Lebanese and Chinese, wouldn’t have picked it,” looking at the camera.

Viewers were quick to slam Ryan and the show and took to Twitter to express their dislike. “But Australia doesn’t have a racism problem,” said Tom Bell, a Twitter user. “Sam Thaiday made a dumb joke buggest villian in the world … But what Beau Ryan said was 100% racist,” said Twitter user Lauren. “Really dislike Beau Ryan. He is not funny one bit. Just an overly paid, rude, insensitive prick who had little to no success in NRL,” said Kate McNair.

Twitter takes on Beau Ryan and “The Footy Show.”