For viewers, one of the most striking changes in “Now You See Me 2,” the sequel to the 2013 surprise box office hit, is the absence of Henly Reeves (played by Australian actress Isla Fisher). What audiences will see, instead, as the female member of the Four Horsemen is Lizzy Caplan, who comes aboard the caper action/comedy series as Lula May and will serve as the love interest of Jack Wilder (Dave Franco).

The “Mean Girls” actress was first invited to fill in the role after Fisher was unable to return to film the sequel due to her pregnancy.

Director Jon Chu has confessed that he had a certain role, both onscreen and offscreen, in mind for Caplan when she first came on board the second installment. She was, according to Chu, partly hired with the intention to “let the audience know that we’re in on the fun of our movie, and the ridiculousness of our movie.”

“[Caplan] could act as an outsider coming in, and call out our movie,” Chu said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Caplan’s cast mates seem to think the same way. Eisenberg, for his part, thinks Caplan is “brash and funny” in a “charming way,” according to the Business Standard.

In other news, Caplan has confessed that she is a big believer in what she calls as “equal-opportunity nudity” and that her “Masters of Sex” co-star Michael Sheen is very much willing to expose himself to level the playing field as she has already appeared nude on the Showtime series.

“I feel like Michael is more than willing to show his. He’s just waiting for somebody to ask,” she told United Airline’s Rhapsody Magazine.

She, however, admitted that nudity for her male co-stars can be “distracting.”

“On the other hand, [male nudity] is extra distracting. It does take you out of it a bit, even if it’s done really tastefully.”

“Now You See Me 2” is currently in theaters and also stars Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and franchise newcomer Daniel Radcliffe. You can watch the trailer below.