Chris Nelson, a chiropractor and osteopath from NSW central coast, has been arrested and charged by the NSW police for posting racist comments on the Facebook page of outgoing Northern Territory Labor Senator Nova Peris.

Nelson, 64, was arrested on Monday for making online racist comments. The Woy Woy-based chiropractor denied the charges, saying his account was hacked and that he was horrified when he came to know of the comments that were sent to Peris was using his account.

“I found out about this about 5:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon when Facebook sent me a notification that someone had spammed my account. I did have an Instagram account, and that vile message had gone out on that account as well,” he told the Central Coast Express Advocate.

To the first post in which Nelson allegedly used racist and derogatory remarks for Peris, the athlete replied that she would keep the comment to show the people the ugly side of Australia. Nelson’s comments included several disrespectful remarks.

“Nova f— off. You were only endorsed by Juliar because you were a black c—,” read the first message. “Go back to the bush and suck on witchity [sic] grubs and yams,” he added. After Nelson took a jibe at Peris for wearing facial paint on her face to the parliament, she said that she would continue to wear it like her people and that she is proud of her skin.

The senator said in a statement that racism should never be tolerated.

“I’m sure I share the views of millions of other proud Australians, in that we should pride ourselves on being respectful towards all of our differences as fellow Australians,” the ABC quoted her as saying. “As long as there is racism in any part of society, I will continue to call it out and fight against it. No one has the right to make anyone else feel threatened or discriminated against.”

Nelson said he was a victim of hacking and had already informed the police after he received threat messages. He added that he is not a racist and he has friends and family who are Aboriginals, The Age reported.