Italian police has claimed that it is impossible to make the ‘Ndrangheta crime gang to leave Australia as it has spread throughout the nation now.

9News reported that a specialised team of officers in Calabria in the southern Italian region recently launched a series of raids that prompted the arrest of around 14 people. The most surprising discovery was the deep link between the crime gang and its Australian operations. Hence, the efforts made by the officers did not produce effective results as far as wiping out the secretive gang from Australia was concerned.

A senior Italian police officer told The Daily Telegraph that it might be possible to put a halt on Australian operations of the gang, but it was impossible to eradicate it completely from the nation as it is widespread. “Australia is not a target nation anymore, it’s now like a state of Italy from a criminal perspective,” the officer said.

“They are entrenched in their activities and have been for a long time. They have not got an expansion strategy with your country anymore. It’s not expansion, its consolidation.”

The team indicated the presence of about six “locales” within the gang in Australia, which include Sydney, Melbourne and South Australia as the most established ones. Each gang has its own boss who reports to Italy directly. The fathers in the locales pass on their criminal duties to their sons and cousins when they retire.

The threat is even higher as the ‘Ndrangheta has very close-knit links that makes it difficult for the police to find out the gang members and eliminate them from Australia. The police officer also stated that drugs were the main business of the gang, but at the same time it involved several criminal activities to make more money. “It’s not just drugs but big tendering processes, real big money to be made from tenders like building a motorway in Australia and you get one percent of the bid and make $10 million without pushing a gramme,” the officer added.

International Business Times UK reported recently that the ex-boss of the crime gang ‘Ndrangheta, Rocco Zito, 87, has been allegedly shot dead by his own son-in-law, Domenico Scopelliti, who is now charged by the police with murder allegations.