Norway is all set to allow children to change their genders by not going through any medical procedure, but only by parents’ permission.

A new health bill, proposed by some activists, will not encourage children to proceed for medical transformation to change the gender.  There would be no psychiatric exams, no lengthy hormone treatments and invasive surgeries , reports Breitbart.

The gender change would be approved only if both the parents agree. In case one denies, then authorities will decide the gender as per the child’s interest.

“The law will make things easier for us. We won’t have to always prepare everything in advance before going anywhere. There are already so many things to explain,” says Sofie Brune, a mother of two from Oslo.

How would it be possible ? Well, to change the legal gender, one would need to simply “tick a box on a website”. It is only possible if the bill gets a green light.

“It’s the same procedure that has existed for changing your name since 2008. You can even do it with one click on the internet,” said Ingvild Endestad of Norway’s LGBT association.

Activists said that the bill is one of the unprejudiced bills in the world.

The law formulation would take place in next few weeks by parliament. For gender change, the bill would also bring down the age limit from 18 to 16 years.

“Norway is in the forefront when it comes to LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] rights. But our current system for changing legal gender is unacceptable and has been unchanged for nearly 60 years. This proposal is in accordance with human rights.” Norwegian health minister Bent Høie said in a report by Independent.

Amnesty international, also requested Norwegian parliament to legislate the proposed bill; urging to end the discriminatory practices. It said the amendment would be a success for LGBT rights.

Frida Husland, a transgender, said that the most notable prospect of living life is to be able to choose the way one wants to live. ‘I don’t want to be buried without ever having been myself.’ Husland said in a report by Daily Mail.