Steven Jones, charged for killing a Northern Arizona University student, is going to remain in jail. However, the option for home confinement is still open.

The young American opened fire and killed university student Colin Brough and injured three other in October. He claims that the shootout on the Flagstaff campus was done in self-defence.

According to prosecutors, Jones’ use of lethal force was not justified. It was mainly a verbal fight, which became lethal as he introduced a gun into it.

Coconino County Superior Court Judge Dan Slayton denied an appeal to release him on Friday. Jones’ attorneys cited his lack of desire to flee the crime scene and lack of criminal history. While denying the motion, the judge said he would consider the possibilities of counselling after having more information about the Northern Arizona University shooter.

“This aspect about the danger Mr. Jones presents, it’s really he has no history and took this action that night that causes me more concern than anything,” AP quoted Slayton as saying. The judge referred to a pre-trial services report and said Jones was at the lowest risk of re-offending.

The victim’s mother, Claudia, requested the judge to keep Jones in jail. With clenched hands, she sobbed and trembled to say what she thought her son would have said. “We don’t solve our problems with pulling out a gun. It’s not an option.”

Nicholas Prato, one of the shooting victims, said Jones had tried to kill him once. He requested protection from Jones, as he asked the offender to keep in police custody.

According to initial 911 calls on the day of the shootout, Jones “shot people” in the parking lot of the Northern Arizona University campus. When asked about the description of the shooter, the caller said he was a tall skinny white male. “All I know that he was yelling,” the caller said.