North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un was spotted puffing a cigarette amid an anti-smoking campaign at Mangyongdae children’s camp in Pyongyang. North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) clicked a photo of him.

Despite the encouragement of anti-tobacco drive, Jong-Un just could not hold on to his smoking habit. His father, Kim Jong Il, who was also a heavy smoker, who was seen puffing on a state media in 2009.

“A cigarette is like a gun aimed at your heart,” Kim Jong-Il said in early 2000.

Jong-Un seems to have taken his father’s smoking habit more seriously. According to The BBC, the leader was caught smoking during a rocket motor test on March 15. Since then, he was not seen smoking during media sessions due to the national anti-smoking campaign.

The campaign was first reported by KCNA in May. “A non-smoking research facility in Pyongyang will expand its nationwide anti-smoking campaign through its branch facilities located in each region,” said KCNA in a report by Daily Mail.

“The facilities will distribute products that aid people to quit smoking and are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as nicotine gum and the nicotine pill,” it added.

According to Asia Times, the country has reduced the area for tobacco plantation. And authorities have ordered to put health warnings on packs of cigarettes.

“The number of non-smokers is remarkably increasing with each passing day,”KCNA said. It added that the number of smokers was 8% lower in 2013 as compared to past four years.

And today suddenly, Jong-Un pops out one cigarette questioning his preachings of what he stood for against smoking.

Not only him, more than half of North Korean men are addicted to smoking, which is highest among Asian countries.

With all of that, do you think the campaign would be able to keep a tight rein on smokers in North Korea ? Comment down below.