North Korea reportedly was dropping balloons full of rubbish over South Korean border. According to Korea Joongang Daily, North Korea is bombarding the border of South Korea with propaganda leaflets criticizing South Korean President Park Geun-hye as well as the United States. The leaflets addressed Geun-hye as “political filth”.

A government official expressed his disapproval on the verbal abuse hurled on their president. The official said, “In South Korea, we maintain a level of dignity toward the top leader of a country.” he added, “It appears North Korea is conducting psychological warfare by criticizing President Park in an immature manner.”

Most astonishingly, the leaflets were accompanied by genuine garbage like cigarette butts and used toilet papers. At first South Korean officials feared a biological attack because of these.

South Korean Military officials commented, “when we opened up a bundle dropped on the ground, we found plastic bags filled with leaflets mixed with trash…there was concern that North Korea may have sent biochemical substances to harm our people, but after analyzing the content, it was just trash.”

Another official said that along with the leaflets there were filth which could not be described in words.

When North Korea conducted the underground nuclear test this January, South Korea showed its disapproval by sending balloons carrying propaganda leaflets, reported The Express Tribune. However, little did they know that North Korea would go to such an extent to retaliate the move.

Joongang Daily also reported that last month a balloon failed to explode only managed to scatter the leaflets which were full of messages against Korea and US. The messages read, “stop broadcasts against North Korea” and “the United States needs to withdraw its hostile policies against North Korea.”

Activists and officials of both the countries use balloons to spread messages across the demilitarized zones for many years but using filth in them is a new addition to the trend.

The border between South Korea and North Korea are the most heavily equipped after the civil war in 1950s. Reportedly, 29,300 American troops are positioned in South Korea to deter North Korea from doing any harsh moves.