North Korea is presently planning an attack on South Korea. Kim Jong-un has ordered to strengthen preparations for terror attack on South Korea. A ruling party lawmaker has made a statement on the basis of information obtained from Seoul’s state intelligence agency.

The members of the ruling Saenuri Party held a closed-door meeting with National Intelligence Service (NIS) according to the report by the  Yonhap News Agency.  Saenuri Party member, Lee Chul-woo said, “North Korea’s terrorist attack could be in the form of causing harms to anti-North Korean activists, North Korean defectors or government officials”.

He added, “It could target public facilities and key infrastructure, including subways, shopping malls and power stations.”NIS is collecting the significant information on possible attack by the North, Lee further stated.

Any attack would trigger tension in the peninsula states. North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test on January 6 and also launched a long ranged rocket. The launch was believed to test its ballistic missile technology. This had heightened tension between the two states. Recently, US also declared that it is going to help in South’s missile defence system.

However, South Korean government has speculated that such provocative military actions in short interval were only to fortify Kim’s domestic legitimacy.  Noteworthy is the fact that North’s  seventh congress of the ruling Worker’s Party is scheduled in May 7, stated The Korea Times. This is the first event in more than 3 decades. The North Leader is expected to unveil new policies as well as conduct a major reshuffle in the congress.

South Korea reiterated its need of a swift passage of anti terrorism bill which is waiting parliamentary approval since 2001 amid the growing possibilities of terror attacks by the North. This bill is designed to give better protection to the country from terrorist attacks. However, it was not approved by the parliament as the opposition party is concerned about giving more authority to the NIS.

The Chief Presidential Secretary for Public Affairs, Kim Sung-woo said, “While North Korea is intensifying its preparations for terror attacks, political interests should not be put above safety and property of the people.”

He also stated, “to effectively handle threats from North Korea or international terrorist groups, I strongly ask the National Assembly to process the bill.”