North Korea has officially declared war on the United States after the US “crossed the red line” by blacklisting its leader Kim Jong-Un over human rights abuses. The US has also banned the dictator Kim Jong-Un from doing business in the country.

The US move stemmed from the fact that Kim Jong-Un neglected widespread human rights abuses in North Korea for a long time thus resulting in making North Korea “among the world’s most repressive countries.”

Han Song Ryol, director-general of the US affairs department at the North’s Foreign Ministry, told the Associated Press in an interview that the recent move by the US has forced North Korea to declare war.

“The Obama administration went so far to have the impudence to challenge the supreme dignity of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) in order to get rid of its unfavorable position during the political and military showdown with the DPRK,” Han said.

“The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown,” he added. “We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war.”

Though North Korea, which also has nuclear weapons, declared war on the US, no one is taking it seriously, at least on social media. People have ridiculed Kim Jong-Un and his intentions to attack the US. This has also resulted in hilarious memes on Twitter. Check out a few below:

Apart from Kim Jong-Un, the US also blacklisted and banned ten top North Korean officials over alleged human rights abuses. It should be noted that North Korea allegedly holds more than 120,000 detainees in its “political prison camps.” It also includes children.

North Korea is also agitated that the US is conducting joint military exercise with its rival South Korea in August. The communist country believes that the US-South Korean military drills will include special training of troops for attacking Pyongyang.