North Korea has announced on Sunday that it finished developing a hydrogen bomb that can wipe out New York City.

Based on an article which was written on a state-run DPRK Today and quoting Cho Hyong Il, a nuclear scientist, North Korea’s hydrogen bomb is a lot bigger compared to the one built by the Soviet Union. That is, if the H-bomb would be mounted on the intercontinental ballistic missile, the article claims that it can land on New York City’s Manhattan. If that happens, the people will immediately be killed and the city is going to burn down to ashes, Time reported.

North Korea’s hydrogen bomb is going to exceed our imagination, according to Cho.

The H-bomb, which was developed by the Soviet Union,  was able to shatter the windows of buildings that are 1,000 kilometres or 625 miles away, with the heat that is strong enough to lead to third-degree burns within 100 kilometres.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered a fourth nuclear test in January, claiming that is was a hydrogen bomb. However, most experts are not convinced, citing the seismic waves which were the results of the blast were the same to the ones created by the three previous tests of North Korea.

A month after, Kim was also responsible for the launch of what North claimed as a rocket which placed a satellite into orbit. This move was largely considered part of the program long-range ballistic missile. According to some experts in the West, this program can reach the US West Coast, yet not as far as the New York City.

North Korea was urged by the South Korea’s Defense Ministry to stop its provocations, saying that if North will continue in spite the warnings from the military, it will be unavoidable for them to launch a strict reply which may cause the Pyongyang regime’s destruction, Mashable reported.