North Korea’s nuclear activities are a direct threat to the United States, a new Pentagon report claims. The report, released on February 12, was prepared before Pyongyang had carried out its recent nuclear test and satellite launch.

The report gives regular updates to Congress on the North’s military capabilities. According to the report, Pyongyang has Special Operations forces “operate in specialized units, including reconnaissance, airborne and seaborne insertion, commandos and other specialties,” CNN reports.

The Friday report finds the Special Operations forces as “”among the most highly trained, well-equipped, best fed and highly motivated” forces in Pyongyang’s military.

The North “is committed to developing a long-range, nuclear-armed missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the United States,” the report adds.

Washington is scheduled to start talks with South Korea in the coming week on the deployment of a US missile defence system in the Asian country. According to CBS News, South Korea and the US intend to take a tougher stand after Seoul decided to close down an inter-Korean factory park.

Pyongyang has been using the establishment to fund its missile and nuclear programs, Seoul alleges. The North, on the other hand, vowed to militarize the park as a response. The park happens to be the last symbol of cooperation between the two countries.

CIA Director John Brennan believes Pyongyang wants to show its nuclear muscles to the world.

“The assessment, at least from my perspective, is that he has developed both the nuclear capability as well as developing this ballistic missile capability, marrying them together so that he can demonstrate that he has reached far beyond the Korean Peninsula,” Brennan told Congress.

Around 27,000 American troops are stationed in South Korea at the moment. According to US Defence Secretary Ash Carter, US authorities are constantly keeping an eye on the demilitarized zone between South Korea and the North.

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