A 5-months-old polar bear cub named Nora has finally made her public debut on Friday at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio. The baby bear, who was born in November, was presented to enthusiastic visitors.

A polar bear exhibit every morning around 9:30 a.m. will be showcasing Nora for about an hour, depending on her health. However, viewers will be able to visit her, more frequently, out side the the exhibit, as she gets older.

She still isn’t communication with the other bears as of now, says Fox News.

During her public appearance on Friday, it seemed like Nora was really enjoying the enclosure and the attention she is being given. She had even got a traffic cone stuck on her head once.

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It was reported that she was hand-reared by an animal care team. They took such a step after the zoo noticed that the mother was frequently abandoning the newborn for long periods of time, says Euro News.

According to zoo officials, Nora is growing at a healthy rate. While Nora is now set to play outside for one hour each day, the public will have the opportunity to watch her grow into a strong polar bear.

She recently moved out of the infirmary into the polar bear area. There she now has access to pools.

Her swimming is improving every day, said several zoo staffs. They also said that Nora had even felt grass for the first time recently.

According to news reports, her diet was changed as meat and fish were being introduced.

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Early in February, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium revealed the name of their polar bear cub.

Back then, 88,000 people voted online to name the new cub, which went on for weeks. Ultimately, Nora was chosen.

The zoo believed that the name fits her well. Her parents’ names are Nanuq and Aurora.

According to research by scientists, it was estimated that only 20,000-25,000 polar bears remain in the wild.