Bad news for the Noma fans!

According to Good Food, Noma- the Danish-inspired Australian restaurant, is all set to wind up its service of platting good food. Those who have not tasted the delicious Noma-ic savor yet should hurry up before it’s too late.

This 10-week-old restaurant is one-of-its-kind in the Barangaroo neighborhood, which already holds a wait list of 27,000 diners, according to Eater.

Recently, it has been announced that Noma, the world-class restaurant of Master chef Rene Redzepi, is going to dish up its final dinner on April 2nd, 2016.  It looks like guests will get a chance to enjoy the real Australian menu with refreshing hard and soft drinks.

In support of OzHarvest (Australia’s first perishable food rescue organization) and MAD (a Danish-based non-profit organization aiming to increase knowledge of food), Noma is also going to conduct an auction of the coveted tables (15) and chairs (56).

Rene Redzepi explains the auction was an opportunity for them “to give back in a small way.”

“[It’s] a chance to raise money and recognize the work being done by our friends at OzHarvest and MAD, and to celebrate the welcome we’ve received and the new friendships that we have made throughout our Australian adventure,” as per Good Food.

Timeout reveals that the auction will be open from 14th to 24th March 2016 on eBay.

As expected, an opportunity like this can never be cheap. Of course, you have to spend a fortune to experience such a lavish affair. The bidding holds a clause which states that the bidder can only buy tables that seat either two, four, six, or eight people with a table for two starting at $1,500.

Flickr/Sarah Ackerman

In short, even bidding a goodbye to Noma demands a big stomach, heart as well as a pocket size.