In a Noble Park armed robbery, four masked men attacked a woman with a hammer as she protested against the snatching of her possessions.

The woman was walking through Walsh Street at around 11:30pm on Tuesday. It was then that she was attacked by the four masked men driving a blue Ford Falcon XR 6. They whistled at her while she was walking alone. The four men carried a baseball bat, a hammer and a weapon that appeared to be an axe. As soon as the woman realized the danger, she took a turn to Myrtle Street but the car still followed her, taking a U-turn.

The men asked for her handbag. As soon as she got ready to give her purse, one of them swung the hammer at the woman. Her arm was hurt after the hammer attack as she put her arms up to protect her head. The men grabbed the handbag and got into the car instantly.

The masked men snatched her mobile as well but they threw it back on the ground when she said that it contained the ultrasound images of her unborn child.

A police spokesman, Luke Zammit, confirmed the incident. He said that the men were dressed in black and they wore dark ski masks. They were wielding weapons. “One was wielding an axe, another a hammer and a third a baseball bat,” Zammit said.

“He swung it three times, with one blow striking her on the arm as she put her arms up to protect her head,” he added, referring to the event where the woman was attacked by the foursome.

The Age reported that the three men appeared to have African looks. The victim stated that two of the four accused people were 180 centimeters tall while another was 170 centimeters tall.  As the car used during the Noble Park incident made minimal noise and was low slung, it was speculated that the car had a turbo engine.