National Broadband Network (NBN) Chief Architect Tony Cross has announced his decision of resigning from his duties and responsibilities on the eve of Australian elections 2016.

The reason behind his decision is yet unclear. He has been associated with NBN for six long years. The role he played in the NBN rollout of copper connections is remarkable. Cross declared on Thursday that he will leave office on July 1. The motive that drove him to choose this particular date is still a secret.

Meanwhile, the network provider released a statement to express its reaction of Cross’s decision. “Tony has been with NBN for more than six years and leaves us with a long list of achievements. We expect to see him continue to make his mark in the industry and wish him well,” the statement read.

Prior to joining the network service provider, Cross was associated with 20 years in the telecommunication industry. He was the former head of Telstra engineering design and development at the time he joined NBN on a full-time basis in 2010.

He started at NBN as an executive GM for network architecture and technology division. It was in July 2014 when the former telco person became the Chief Architect. Cross has also worked for the British Telecom during his professional tenure.

His contribution to NBN can be marked by his efforts that he put on both sides of the government, according to Gizmodo. Cross attempted to test all possible access technology. The tests included Fibre to the Node, or FTTN, and Fibre to the Distribution Point, or FTTDp technologies.

It was through his efforts that the broadband company has mastered multi-technology mix, which is the specialty all across Australia. If the reports are followed, the Cross’s decision came following former NBN boss Mike Quigley’s claim made to the Melbourne University Networked Society Institute regarding FTTN cost.

Quigley said that copper-based strategy would be more expensive than the original fibre-optic technology. According to his claims, the FTTP rollout would cost $45 billion and is expected to complete by 2021.

Delimiter reported that Dennis Steiger has been assigned the task to cover all aspects of the network provider. Steiger became the Chief Technology officer at NBN at the same time when Cross took over as the chief architect.