Hillary Clinton was quick to hit back at Donald Trump, soon after she won the South Carolina primary. She targeted Trump’s “Make America Great Again” and indicated it was a false slogan.

Clinton won emphatically against Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary. During her victory speech, she hit back at the Republican candidate. “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again,” she said. “America has never stopped being great.”

Clinton also hit back at Trump’s claims of building walls across the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration. “Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. We need to show that we really are all in this together,” Clinton added. “Our country was built by people who had each other’s backs. Who understood that, at our best, we all rise together.”

The former US secretary of state thanked South Carolina, with her supporters shouting her name. She also congratulated the Vermont senator for his campaign.

However, it seemed like she has identified the person who may be standing between her and the White House. Trump had another successful campaign in South Carolina.

According to Vox, the Clinton campaign will be “lucky” if Trump ends up being the Republican nominee. It was Marco Rubio who stood out as a bigger challenge.

Clinton may have got the momentum she needed, as the most recent data shows she is more than 50 points ahead of her Democratic rival. A recent poll shows her popularity climbed during the New Hampshire primary.

Clinton made a number of statements after her win in South Carolina. Many of those were targeted against Trump. “Tomorrow, this campaign goes national. We are going to compete for every vote in every state. We are not taking anything—and we’re not taking anyone—for granted,” she declared.