Ever since the announcement of “No Man’s Sky” has been made by Hello Games back in 2014, hype surrounding the upcoming game has been at a steady rise. However, with this hype also came the excruciating pain of waiting for the game to be released.

Concrete news about “No Man’s Sky” has been scarce, but that does not stop sources from raising potential issues along the way.

One of these issues is raised by a recent report from MNR Daily. Namely, the website relays that with the large anticipation that comes with the game, its biggest fallout may be the disappointment of fans. MNR Daily discusses that since rumors have continuously spread across the web from the time “No Man’s Sky” was officially announced, it is likely that fans would have formed major expectations.

To back this issue, MNR Daily cites a report from Forbes that also tackles how “No Man’s Sky” could possibly be 2016’s major disappointment.

In the in-depth Forbes piece, it is highlighted that it would come as a shock if “No Man’s Sky” turned up to be not a cool game at all. However, the article also does not dismiss the fact that the game could turn out to be no good.

In terms of why it could be the biggest disappointment of the year in terms of gaming, Forbes points out the way “No Man’s Sky” is being treated. It cites how the indie game had the honor of being introduced in a stand-alone segment in Sony’s E3 stage. Given how that event came out as successful for the company, “No Man’s Sky” has since earned a reputation in gaming circles.

Forbes highlights that with two years of waiting, it is not far from possible that visuals or the substance of the game may not meet what fans and gamers have been imagining in their heads. The promise of infinite playing for “No Man’s Sky” could end up meaning repetitive environments for players.

Nevertheless, it is not the goal of this piece to be grim or negative about “No Man’s Sky”. Rather, it is a reminder to keep expectations in check so that when the game indeed releases in June 2016, everyone can still get a fulfilling experience out of it.