The much-awaited No Man’s Sky is not out yet but news about its first update is already increasing the hype. Now, more details about the very first development has arrived. Check out details about the No Man’s Sky update here.

One of the most important things about this update relates to players who have purchased early copies of the game. Hello Games’ Sean Murray talks about the matter in a post from their official website. Murray says that early copy players’ progress or saves will still be preserved. However, if they want access to new content , they have to delete their saves.

It is not required of early copy players, but Murray highly recommends it since it is a day zero update.

Murray’s post proceeds to share notes about the update, which we all relay below. However, note that some of the things may spoil some aspects of the game. Hence, every reader should proceed with caution.

No Man’s Sky update notes

1. Emphasis on fresh save

With relation to Murray’s recommendation to early copy gamers, the update requires players to start the game with a fresh save. Murray’s notes say that three new paths are available which players can follow. These paths and the choices players make will then determine their experience in the game.

2. There are a lot of changes

The notes also reveal that changes were introduced to many aspects of the game including rules of the universe generation algorithm, planets and their mechanisms, diversity in ships and creatures, and the atmosphere. For one, change in the universe generation algorithm opened for bigger galaxies and more variety.

3. More freedom of exploration

To encourage exploration, the new update increases inventory storage for players. According to the notes, ship inventories can accommodate 5 resources more per slot while suit inventories has room for 2.5 more.

4. Some new, and others improved mechanisms

New functions, such as ship scanning, are now available. Meanwhile, there are also improvements for aspects like trading, combat, graphical effects, and more.

Visit Sean Murray’s more detailed post here.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more news on the No Man’s Sky update.