The long wait is over for gaming fans waiting for the No Man’s Sky release. However, PC players would have to wait a few days longer to get their hands on it. No specific reason was provided before regarding the delay. However, with Sean Murray recently discussing the launch, could a new project be responsible for the delay?

According to GameSpot, Murray finally answered why the game is launching later for PC. The source quotes him as saying, “The reality is that we’re still here working on it right now. There’s no conspiracy, we’re just racing to get all the extra options and stuff we want.”

True enough, many games before have had separate release dates for different platforms. Reasons for it vary, though one common factor is exclusivity deals. In this case however, it appears the delay relates more to content.

Murray’s statement explains the difference in release dates. However, although a new project isn’t responsible for the delay, the developer did say there’s one brewing soon.

In the same article by GameSpot, Murray says that Hello Games is working on another unannounced project. There’s zero details about this thing for now. But check back for news on its development.

No Man’s Sky release

With the game finally out, you may be wondering what others have to say about it. One of the early thoughts comes from Ben Gilbert of Business Insider. Although the piece doesn’t clearly give a verdict on whether it lies on the positive or negative spectrum, the writer’s thoughts seem to lean on the positive side.

The review also goes to show that with so much to explore, one can’t just get away with a definitive star rating and be done with it.

Whether the game is good or not will depend on gamers themselves. It’s quite impossible to say that people would be disappointed with the game’s content, given the vast universe it offers.

Still, gamers may look at other aspects of the game including visuals and execution. Time will tell how that fares out.

Do you have the game in time for the No Man’s Sky release? Let us know your thoughts on it!